“You know I might’a been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was my name.”

What better way to introduce myself than with a lyric from the Queen of Country?  

I’m Megan; I have humble roots and I adore simplicity in everything but food and drink. Midwest raised, West coast educated and Mountain living, I aspire to explore every culinary genre that I can while still paying homage to my white trash roots.  I love exploring beers, cocktails, and wines, and I make it a point to utilize the absolutely amazing qualities beer, wine, and spirits can impart into food in every recipe I can.  

I definitely prefer savory to sweet, but I’m known to kick out a badass batch of cookies or a batch of cupcakes with my Grandmother’s frosting now and then.  I truly believe in cooking with the most basic, whole ingredients you can, but above all I believe in cooking with what you can afford.  I’m a single mom; I know what it’s like to budget and to struggle to save.  Ain’t no truffle oil in my recipes.  Caviar can eat it, and I have no use for gold-leafed anything (did you know there is such a thing as a Douche Burger? It’s $666 and made with Kobe beef – think of all the Def Leppard albums and/or Stag you could buy with that??)

I have a really, really off color sense of humor.  I curse constantly (though I haven’t yet – don’t want to scare you off too soon).  I never mean to offend, so my humor should be taken lightly; I love and respect all, and you should too.  

Now that the intro is out of the way, let’s eat, drink, and be really fucking merry!i_love_food_12


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