Replacement – a semi-serious reflection

I saw this prompt and initially thought, “What the hell am I supposed to write about Replacement?  What a shitty topic.” However after some reflection, I think it has actually been a pretty constant part of my life…and probably yours too.

Replacement is an inevitable part of life.  Some people hear the word and think of hip or knee replacements…some people who hated themselves enough to voluntarily watch a Keanu Reeves movie may recall 2000’s “The Replacements.”  For me, the term brings to mind change.  An evolution of sorts.  Replacement often has such a negative connotation but there can be so much positivity in these shifts and changes; it all depends on your perspective.

I’ve been replaced.  I’ve been replaced by other friends, other girlfriends, other employees, but I’ve also done my fair share of replacing; and let me tell you, damn it feels good.  I replaced an ex husband with a man that loves my son and I fiercely.  I have replaced shitty jobs with better opportunities that provided a better life for myself and my child, as well as opened doors to interests I never would have pursued (like cooking! White trash or otherwise).  I have replaced bad habits, self destruction, and wrong paths with inspiration and direction.  Replacement, for me, has been initially bitter but so very sweet in the end.

I have learned not to fear change, not to dread the inevitability of being replaced or having to do the replacing.  Embrace it, because there is always a lesson to be learned; life is a series of learning opportunities.  You can either take advantage of the situation at hand and turn it into something productive, or you can refuse the knowledge life is attempting to impart you with and remain a wayward turd, lost in a stagnant septic system.





via Daily Prompt: Replacement


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